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Our Mission

One day the tide caused thousands of starfish to get stranded on the shore. A little girl was picking up the starfish one by one and throwing them back in the ocean. The girl’s father asked his daughter, “Why are you throwing the starfish back in the ocean? There are too many of them for the few you are throwing in to matter”. The little girl, with a starfish in her hand, looked up at her dad and said, “It matters to this one”.

When looking at the alarming rates of people without health insurance (now over 42 million) or who are underinsured (about another 40 million), it may seem that any attempt to alleviate the health care crisis is pointless. Even when considering the crisis Champaign County is facing, it appears hopeless. It is in this context that the Champaign County Christian Health Center (CCCHC) was formed. Beginning with an idea in November of 2002 at a Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) conference, CCCHC has developed into a health center that provides health education, preventive services, and primary care.

The mission of CCCHC is to show and share the love of Jesus Christ to our neighbors of Champaign County by providing holistic, free, and quality health care services. Holistic means that we consider the whole person regarding treatment – mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as physical well-being. We offer care for free because we realize the resources of the uninsured are minimal, with most of CCCHC’s clients working full time and often having more than one job just to make ends meet. Finally, we ensure, through a strong volunteer base of over 125 people, supportive donors, numerous collaborations, and community involvement, that people that come to CCCHC for care receive quality service and excellent treatment.

With CCCHC’s primary care component beginning September 14th, 2004, individuals have walked through our doors, been offered prayer, and instilled with the knowledge that someone cares for them. There is much to do and often few resources to do things with, but with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ leading the way, CCCHC knows that all things are possible. God Bless.

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