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Fundraising Dinner 2023: Be a sponsor

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your generous decision to become a Sponsor for the Champaign County Christian Health Center. Your invaluable support through advertising funds will play a pivotal role in sustaining the operations of CCCHC, enabling us to provide vital healthcare services to our uninsured and underinsured community members. Below is the sponsor donation packages. After reviewing it, please feel out the service form. Once you fill out the form and submit, you will be redirected to the donation page where you could donate the amount you selected. You could also access the donation page by clicking on "Donate here" button beside the form. Thanks for making a difference! 
























Business Card Ad in the Program 




Half Sheet Ad in the Program




Full Sheet Ad in the Program




Slot in Presentation (slideshow) + Full Sheet Ad in the Program


Sponsor Table (Seats 8-10 guests with food included. This table can be used to advertise the business with any materials they may want to bring) + Full Sheet Ad in the Program+ Slot in the Presentation (slideshow) + Company Name Announcement ( Company name will be announced during the presentation)

Registration Form Dinner 2023

Sponsor Donation Amount

Help us out by donating an amount of your liking by clicking on the "Donate Here" button below. It will help us cover many aspects of the clinic. We appreciate all you support! 

Please email your advertisement that is to be involved in the program and/or the slideshow to

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